Prostrate lupine – a tiny beauty: Friday Flowers

We stopped at the Kiger Gorge overlook on Steens Mountain in August and saw tiny flowers at our feet. These are prostrate lupines, Lupinus lepidus var. lobbii. I put my hand in the picture just to give you an idea of the scale. This native plant grows in alpine habitats. The tiny blue or purple … Continue reading Prostrate lupine – a tiny beauty: Friday Flowers

Lupine in my garden: Friday Flowers

A stately lupine This lupine flower stands tall and stately in my garden. Though different from its wild cousins, it is just as beautiful. Friday Flowers

Spring lupine: Friday flowers

Blooming lupine amidst obsidian Lupine plants were in full bloom on a recent trip I took to Glass Buttes, Oregon. They have beautiful flowers and a unique leaf form. The palmately divided leaves of lupine can have five to 28 leaflets. Water often funnels down the leaflets and collects at their base.

Mendel’s Garden: Lupines of many colors

Is this Mendel’s garden? I think the Gene Jeannie has been at work in my backyard. I planted one purple and white lupine and it has multiplied.  Now I have a violet and purple one, two purple and white ones, a violet and white one, and an all white one.

Santiam Wagon Road 2 hike: LAPC

In late May, I went on a hike on part of the Santiam Wagon Road near Sisters, Oregon (see trail map at end of post). Carol Wall, of the Deschutes Land Trust, led this hike. We traveled along an out and back two-mile section of the road. This 400-mile route was used to move livestock … Continue reading Santiam Wagon Road 2 hike: LAPC

Wildflowers in the Desert – Nonet poem: LAPC & SS

Wildflowers in the desert sunshineEmerging in harsh conditionsShining with an inner lightColorful expressionsJewels in the sandEphemeralPresencesFleetingViews Wildflowers in the desert photographs taken at Gray Butte, Oregon in the springtime. Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Colorful April Sunday Stills – Emerging

Rainbow of soft colors in my garden: LAPC

Right now I have a rainbow of soft colors in my garden. Many plants are blooming in the high desert. This lupine has delicate shades of purple and peach on the same plant. My purple sage shrub started blooming last week. This plant is a member of the mint family. If you crush the leaves … Continue reading Rainbow of soft colors in my garden: LAPC

Hells Canyon in the Spring: Friday Flowers

Hells Canyon National Recreation Area is tucked into the northeastern corner of Oregon and the western edge of Idaho. We visited Hells Canyon in the spring last year. At the overlook, the meadows were carpeted in wildflowers. Perfect timing for pictures! Many different types of flowers were in full bloom. We had great weather to … Continue reading Hells Canyon in the Spring: Friday Flowers

Oregon Trail – Baker City: Visiting History

On the Oregon Trail      “We’re almost there,” Pa said. He pointed towards a low sagebrush-covered hill. “It’s just over that rise.”      “How many times have you said that, Pa?” I said to myself. I shaded my eyes and looked at the dismal landscape. Dusty sagebrush and clumps of dry grass for as far … Continue reading Oregon Trail – Baker City: Visiting History

Glass Buttes obsidian field trip

I went on a field trip recently to one of my favorite places–Glass Buttes. Obsidian is everywhere you look! It’s like being a kid in a candy store. In fact in one of my previous posts, Glass Butte Dragonglass, I show a picture of some obsidian I have collected displayed in a candy bowl. Glass Buttes … Continue reading Glass Buttes obsidian field trip

Dean Hale Woodpecker Festival: Where’s Woody?

Last weekend I was out looking for some of the 11+ species of woodpeckers that can be seen near Sisters, Oregon. The Dean Hale Woodpecker Festival brings birdwatchers from all over the world into the woodpecker-rich habitats in the area. East Cascades Audubon Society has been putting on the well-attended event since 2011. There were 17 … Continue reading Dean Hale Woodpecker Festival: Where’s Woody?

May Showers, High Desert Flowers

A desert can be desolateArid and barren Spring showersSplash colors Of brilliant huesAmidst the sand Painting with a delicate brushFrom a palette of rainbows

Metolius Preserve Hike in Autumn

Last week I went on a Metolius Preserve hike with the Deschutes Land Trust (DLT).  This 1,240 acre preserve is located about ten miles west of Sisters, OR and was acquired by the DLT in 2003. The forest Ponderosa pine trees dominate the landscape but there are also Douglas fir, grand fir, incense cedar, and … Continue reading Metolius Preserve Hike in Autumn