Day breaks and clouds wait: LAPC & Sunday Stills

Day breaksAnd cloudsWait to reflectNature’s glow Lens-Artists Photo Challenge (LAPC) – Morning Sunday Stills – Mother Nature

Watching & waiting for clouds: LAPC

Watching & waiting for clouds Turning the sky into a color collecting kaleidoscope Expressing their thoughts with fiery punctuation

Clouds in my sky: LAPC

I can be jubilant one moment and pensive the next, and a cloud could go by and make that happen. Bob Dylan Here are few clouds in my sky from the last year’s worth of Lens-Artists Photo Challenges. These pictures were taken in Eastern and Central Oregon, my favorite country. Enjoy their many moods.

Unusual Clouds Above Bend : LAPC

The sky takes on shades of orange during sunrise and sunset, the colour that gives you hope that the sun will set only to rise again. Ram Charan We have many beautiful sunrises and sunsets here in Bend, Oregon. Sometimes the unique colors and forms of the clouds are totally unexpected and they’ll take your … Continue reading Unusual Clouds Above Bend : LAPC

Dense Clouds

Dense clouds in the sky can be seen as an excuse to feel sorrowful and gloomy or an opportunity to reflect back a glow of happiness and joy. Weekly Photo Challenge – Dense

Dissipating clouds: Remembering the pronghorn

Sometimes you can be trudging along with a little dark cloud hovering over your head and you almost walk by something intended for only you to see. I had one of those moments years ago at Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge. I had been doing research there and often saw pronghorn on sagebrush covered hills … Continue reading Dissipating clouds: Remembering the pronghorn


Clouds… Obscure what was once clear Release things that burden them Blanket the cold nights Shine brightness on what’s to come Surround us in the divine

The Hoodoos – A story in 47 words: LAPC & WWP

Walking among the hoodoos in the morning light, feeling out of my element. Sculpted towers surround me, casting tall shadows. Their wind-carved faces turn towards the sun, until clouds block their view. Shadows lengthen, darkness threatens me. Snowdrifts create luminous lights. Hoodoos retreat, marching towards another day. Weekend Writing Prompt #199 – Element Lens-Artists Photo … Continue reading The Hoodoos – A story in 47 words: LAPC & WWP

Softness in the skies haiku: LAPC & SS

softness in the skiesadrift over layered tuff ring,white veils eclipse sun Skyscapes from Fort Rock, Oregon. Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Soft Sunday Stills – Things that are white

Steam-filled Yellowstone landscapes: LAPC

During the chilly winter months, I sometimes think of the steam-filled landscapes of Yellowstone National Park. I wish I had a natural hot spring in my backyard. The thermal activity beneath Yellowstone is always producing steamy white clouds. This view is from the Artists’ Paint Pots trail. Lots of contrasting colors and great views of … Continue reading Steam-filled Yellowstone landscapes: LAPC

Struck by Lightning – Bye 2020!: TTL

I’m representing my feelings towards 2020 by showing it being struck by lightning. Yes, there were some great moments, but I’m glad to be saying bye to this particular year. See how all the other western juniper trees around this tree are thriving? Can you see the sliver of blue in the distant sky? Once … Continue reading Struck by Lightning – Bye 2020!: TTL

My Mount St. Helens Adventure: FOWC

On May 18, 1980, a trip to help band golden eagles at the Yakima Canyon in eastern Washington turned into an unexpected Mount St. Helens adventure. The adventure begins I was part of the Young Adult Conservation Corps, working for the Washington Department of Game in Olympia, Washington. We spent most of our time in … Continue reading My Mount St. Helens Adventure: FOWC

Camp Hart Mountain: Monochrome Monday

Camp Hart Mountain was constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and operated from 1937 to 1941. Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge , established in December of 1936 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, helped protect pronghorn antelope. The CCC crew stationed at Camp Hart Mountain helped with many projects such as building roads, stringing telephone … Continue reading Camp Hart Mountain: Monochrome Monday

Flying Saucer Cloud: Monochrome Monday

I saw this flying saucer cloud hovering near Steens Mountain a few days ago. I see why lenticular clouds, like this one for example, are often called UFO clouds. Monochrome Monday

Desert Path to Chimney Rock: LAPC

Ancient trees direct An ensemble of moist clouds Over the desert Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Path

The Toad Queen: FOWC

Emerging from the earth The Spadefoot Toad Queen The ground trembled beneath a stunted sagebrush shrub. The Toad Queen emerged from her burrow to a changed world. Clouds of smoke hung over the land from a wildfire. The spadefoot toad gazed at this new world through golden slitted eyes. Sand tumbled down her spotted back. … Continue reading The Toad Queen: FOWC

Soft sights at Sunset Lake: LAPC

A harsh landscape with soft edges There are many soft sights to see in Yellowstone National Park’s harsh environments. Soft and steaming mist drifts over Sunset Lake. Soft puffy clouds float over rounded hills in the distance. The colors along the shorelines blend softly into one another giving the lake its name. To me, it … Continue reading Soft sights at Sunset Lake: LAPC

Pronghorn herd in the High Desert

Last fall, we saw a pronghorn herd on the drive to Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge in southeast Oregon. This herd consisted of about 100 bucks and does. You can see Hart Mountain peeking out in the distance. A storm was moving in. Here are pictures of the storm as it developed. Storm Clouds over … Continue reading Pronghorn herd in the High Desert

Storm over Hart Mountain

Last week  when I visited Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge, a threatening looking storm was moving in. Dark clouds temporarily blotted out the big blue sky. We didn’t stay long on this primitive dirt road near refuge headquarters. When the roads there get wet, they can turn into a muddy gumbo that makes it hard … Continue reading Storm over Hart Mountain

Utah National Parks: Trees & Rocks

The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is Structure. I immediately thought of our recent trip to the five national parks in Utah. The structure of the rocks and geological features is complimented by the trees in these parks. Whether dead and twisting, or green and contrasting, the trees are a main character in an interesting … Continue reading Utah National Parks: Trees & Rocks

Looking back to Fort Rock

A sky streaked with clouds frames Fort Rock, rising from the sagebrush sea in central Oregon. This is the view from a cave where ancient sandals made from sagebrush were found. Sandals and other artifacts found there were determined to be 9,300-10,250 years old. Walking from the cave back towards the mountain, you can almost … Continue reading Looking back to Fort Rock

Desert Sky

Painted skies Sky. Where I live in central Oregon, it’s big and bold. The sky is rarely shrouded in shades of gray. Sunsets are painted with bold strokes of golds, pinks, and purples. Scattered clouds on sunny days are referred to as “beauty clouds” by the local weatherman. My daughter thinks they look like the … Continue reading Desert Sky